Create a custom Facebook page web address

Whilst most sites let you create a custom link at the same time that you choose your username when you sign up such as facebook.com/jamiejonessinger or twitter.com/jamiejonessinger, this wasn't always the case with Facebook.

If you created an artist/band page on Facebook back in the days when you couldn't immediately create a memorable page web address then yours might still be in need of changing now.

A few years back you had to have so many page likes before you could create your own web address. I think it was 25 likes.

You might still have a Facebook page web address such as this example, facebook.com/pages/jamiejonessinger/847473970648379. If you do, then now could be a good time to think about changing it.

Jump on a Facebook profile that has access to the page, either the profile that owns the page or an admin of the page, and then go to this page https://www.facebook.com/username.

You'll see a section as in the image below. Expand the drop down menu by clicking the arrow and your page will be listed.

Once you have selected your page from the list, you will then get to create the web address that will be forever associated with it.

You only get one chance at this so be sure of what you want and get it right (use the availability button to check your choice as you go along. Be warned, what you choose now can never be changed again.

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