Google+ and Google Play Music

A lot of artists are not using these to their full potential.

You get a Google+ page with your YouTube channel, so why not put it to good use?

You don't have to sign up for it as you already have it. You just need to make it look good by adding information, all your links, a profile pic and a cover pic.

More and more people are now using Google+.

Artists, fans, promoters and casual internet surfers regularly get on there and network, so make sure you don't get left behind. Get on there too.

Also, a lot of artists are putting their music up on Google Play Music, but not including a link to it anywhere on their pages.

Ever increasing amounts of people use Google Play Music to download their music (I'm one of them), your fans might only see an iTunes link on your pages and move on. Don't let this happen to you, post your Google Play Music links everywhere that you post your iTunes link.

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