YouTube Artists free music giveaways

YTA has scoured the sites of YouTube Artists looking for free music giveaways. The findings can be found here.

Why do YouTube Artists give away music?

The answer is, for all kinds of reasons. They might of spent hundreds or even thousands getting music put together, and ideally would then recuperate the costs by selling it. This isn't always so easy though. So another option is to give it away in the hope of word spreading and helping to get their name out there.

Sometimes the giveaway will be as simple as clicking a link to download the music. Other times you might be required to sign up to a mailing list, you will then be sent an email containing a link to download the music.

It's not just unknown or unsigned artists that do this though. Mainstream artists do it too. Not to get their name out there, but as a thank you to loyal fans. For instance, I recently signed up to Ed Sheeran's mailing list and then received an email with a link to download an unreleased EP of his. I'm glad I did because the EP was awesome. Ed did have another very good reason for doing this though, it meant he then had my email address and could notify me of new things he does, thus possibly creating extra income for himself. So it makes a lot of sense for artists, no matter how big or small they are to do it this way.

Go to the YTA Freebies page to see if anything takes your fancy, or just download it all to sample music from artists that you have not encountered before. If you find something new that you like then tweet the artist and let them know and to thank them for putting free music up.

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