Mammoth YouTube Artists playlist on Spotify

Doing something but want some music playing in the background and you would rather that music came from artists/singers/bands of YouTube fame?

Got the Spotify app on your phone, tablet, iPad, smart TV or computer?

You need to hit up my YouTube Artists playlist on Spotify then. Get it up, hit the shuffle button and have one long random selection of YouTube Artists playing.

With 2327 songs, by 93 artists & bands and a playing time of 139 hours 59 minutes, you could be kept entertained for as long as you need to be.

Streaming YouTube Artists music through Spotify rather than some other streaming service will hopefully ensure better cross platform compatibility, and also ensure that artists are getting paid to be listened to, so you will be helping them out, as well as satisfying your music needs.

YouTube Artists has followed all of the artists & bands on Spotify, and new releases added by them will get included as time goes on.

Listed below are the YouTube Artists that are included in the mammoth playlist (at the time of writing).

Aileen Henderson, Alexa Goddard, Alexi Blue, Ali Brustofski, Alyssa Shouse, Amanda Hardy, Anna Johnson, Arabella Jones, Ashleigh Ashton, Bernadette Kathyrn, Blare LeVoir, Carlijn and Merle, Caroline Dare, Chloe Temtchine, Christina Grimmie, Cimorelli, Connie Talbot, Conor Maynard, Corey Gray, Cristina Quinones, Dane Bryant Frazier, Danielle Lowe, Ebony Day, Elena House, Emily Brooke, Emily Faith, Gardiner Sisters, Grace Lee, Hannah Richardson, Harriet Eaves, Hollis Long, Holly Sergeant, Ivana Raymonda Van Der Veen, Jake Coco, Jasmine Clarke, Jasmine Thompson, Jessica Meuse, Jillian Jensen, Julia Sheer, Kaitlyn Thomas, Karlijn Verhagen, Katie Cole, Kaylan Mackinnon, Kelsey K, Kirsty Lowless, Korie Anne, Kristina Svensson, Kymberley Kennedy, Laura Ashley, Laura Zocca, Lauren Tate, Leah Burkey, Lexy Greenwell, Lindsay Will, Lindsey Stirling, Livy Jeanne, Liz Lohnes, Maddi Jane, Maddie Wilson, Madi Lee, Madilyn Bailey, Maggie Baugh, Mahathi Malladi, Makayla Lynn, Maria Diebolt, Marissa Jerome, Mary Desmond, Mary Sarah, Matthew Jordan, Matt Roy, Mckenzie Comer, Megan and Liz, Natalia Malo, Natalie Tuvey, Olivia Mitchell, Rebecca Perl, Rebekah Reid, Richard Rick Rose, Ryan Beatty, Sammie Libman, Sarah Moss, Sara Niemietz, Savannah Outen, Sean Rumsey, Sean Sonego, Tara Favell, The Command Sisters, Tiffany Alvord, Tina Siciliano, Tori Hathaway, Zack Biss & Zoe Louisa.

Clicking the link below will open Spotify on your device, and playback will be in the order that I added songs to the playlist, so hit the shuffle button, followed by the play button in your Spotify app for the best random experience.
(A permanent quick link can always be found below our follow buttons on the left of every page of this site.)

Click here to open Spotify on your device

Happy listening and thank you on behalf of all artists that you are helping out by listening.

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