New listing on YTA - Ashley Pantzare

Born in 1995, guitar playing singer, Ashley hails from Nyköping, Sweden.

This amazing young lady who has a fantastic look going on and a beautiful voice, was once too scared and insecure to even send a 30 second clip of herself singing to anyone, yet now here she is sharing her talents with the world.

Having battled with depression, she is now much happier in herself and is starting to love herself and I'm sure as time goes on she will find more and more people becoming fans and loving everything about her too.

Check her videos out, you won't be disappointed that you did, and I feel I won't be the only new fan to think she is great.

Ashley's YouTube channel
Ashley's Google+ page
Ashley's Twitter
Ashley's Facebook
Ashley's Instagram

YouTube Artists has liked and followed Ashley on all of her pages. Check her out and please do the same if you enjoy what she does. 

Ashley can also now be found listed on the Female Artists - A page.

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