Get your Spotify Artist page verified

If you are an artist, you should consider getting your Spotify artist page verified. It's a quick and easy procedure so don't hold back, do it now.

Once verified you will have a blue checkmark added to your profile, just as with any other verification on other sites. You will be able to interact with fans and fellow artists, just as you can interact with a personal spotify account. You will also be able to tailor your profile, thus making it stand out from others that have not been verified.

Your artist page will need 250 followers before you can begin the process, so if you don't have that many then get out there and drum up some support from your followers on your social media sites and get them to follow your Spotify page.

You will also need a personal Spotify profile, so if you don't have one of those then go and signup for one now.

If you need to sign up for a personal profile then head over to the following page to do it...

You'll need music on your artist page and a unique artist/band name. Hopefully you already live up to that criteria.

Ok, so it's time to start the procedure

You will need to provide:

  • Your artist name
  • A link to your artist page (artist discography)
  • How many followers your artist page has
  • A screenshot of your artist page to confirm the amount of followers you have
  • A link to your personal Spotify profile
  • The email address associated with your personal Spotify profile
  • A twitter account
  • Head on over to this page to actually start the ball rolling...

    Once there you will provide the above details, you will also be able to state whether your artist page has any incorrect music on it, so it's a good time to get things cleaned up if you need to as well.

    Each step of the way provides comprehensive instructions on what is needed and should have you up and running with a verified account in no time.

    All you now need to do is sit back and wait until you get confirmation that you have been verified. This could possibly take a few weeks, so just be patient and wait for the good news to arrive.

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