New band listing on YTA ~ Facing West

Since 2014, two girls from high above Denver, Colorado, eight thousand feet high in the mountains to be more exact, have been performing together as Facing West. Those two girls are Caitlin & Sidney.

This singing/songwriting duo have only been posting videos on YouTube since February 2016 though, but are already gaining views that many others can only dream of.

Watching their well produced videos it is easy to see why their popularity is gaining ground the way it is. The ratio of likes to dislikes on Facing West's videos is of a good proportion and backs up my feeling that these girls have something special going on.

Caitlin & Sidney are currently writing, co-writing and planning an EP release, which I look forward to with much anticipation.

Facing West's Official website
Facing West's YouTube channel
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Facing West's Instagram

YouTube Artists has liked and followed Facing West on all of their pages. Check them out and please do the same if you enjoy what they do. 

Facing West can also now be found listed on the Bands page.

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