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I've kind of covered this before, but in two separate posts, Google+ and Google Play Music and Mammoth YouTube Artists playlist on Spotify.

Google Play Music and iTunes

First off, it still astounds me that artists post their iTunes link everywhere but often overlook their Google Play Music link. In fact I often search Google Play Music for an artists music when I see they have it on iTunes, only to find they haven't even put their music on Google Play Music. This is just madness considering how many Android users there now are.

I have personally removed all traces of iTunes from my computers. It is so much easier to just jump on any browser and head to the Google Play Music store without needing a special program installed to buy music on a computer, or to download music that was purchased using my phone.

So please put your music up on Google Play Music as well as iTunes, and please post the link on as many of your pages as possible.

Making money from your streamed music

Secondly, I have been constantly updating the YouTube Artists Spotify Playlist, it now contains 2,505 songs which is a lot of hours of pleasurable playback.

Now to move on and this is where you, as an artist comes in. Earnings could be lost if your music is not being put on streaming sites that payout. Additionally earnings could be lost due to traffic not being driven to those sites.

If fans want to stream your music and can't find it on sites such as Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, Google Play Music (yes, you can stream, as well as buy from there), Apple Music and so on, then they might be forced to stream it from sites that don't pay you, such as SoundCloud and ReverbNation.

That could equal a lot of lost revenue to you. Money that could go towards your future recordings, videos, outfits, gigs or just to generally live on.

All the different streaming sites pay out different amounts, and they are not necessarily a set amount per play. Spotify has one of the smallest payouts, but possibly the most users, meaning more plays.

180,000 Spotify plays should roughly equal a payout of $1,260. That figure isn't set in stone due to the algorithm Spotify uses to determine payouts.

I checked the Spotify profile of one of my favourite YouTube Artists and she has (at the time of writing) 1,104,481 monthly listeners. If they all listened to just one track per month then she would be getting paid approximately $7,731 per month. That's a nice way to make a living.

So, the moral is, get your music on streaming sites and drive as many possible listeners to them, remembering that Spotify might have one of the smallest payouts, but it possibly is the most popular, therefore meaning more listens and revenue for you.

Note to fans: Stream your favourite artists music as much as possible, or if you want a selection of music from YouTube Artists then click the link below, hit random play and enjoy...
YouTube Artists Spotify Playlist

The information regarding payouts relates to unsigned artists that keep all or most of their revenue and was obtained from the infographic at the bottom of the page in the link below...
How much do musicians really make from Spotify, iTunes and YouTube?

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