New listing on YTA ~ Alex B

Alex B is just a normal kid who enjoys playing video games, skateboarding, and hanging out with friends & girls.

Growing up in a musical family made music come naturally to Alex though. His older brother is also a performer and actually participates in performing ballads with Alex. One of his distant cousins, Gary Cherone was in the band Extreme, who had a big hit with the song More Than Words.

Not just a singer, Alex can also play the guitar and piano.

Some notable venues that he has performed at include World Café Live at the Queen in Delaware, The Hard Rock Café in The Dominican Republic and in Florida, and the infamous TLA in Philadelphia.

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YouTube Artists has liked and followed Alex B on all of his pages. Check him out and please do the same if you enjoy what he does. 

Alex B can also now be found listed on the Male Artists page.

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