Spotify Playlist - 'This Is: YouTube Artists' [Updated]

[Updated to reflect changes]

With 2,876 songs which is about 6 days of play time (at the time of writing), you might wonder who is actually in the playlist to make it be so big.

Well, the answer is, lots (and I mean lots) of artists. All of which are listed on the YTA website.

It's even possible that I might of missed some out. Hardly any artists post links to their Spotify artist page, meaning I have to search for them, and it is possible that I might not of found everybody.

If you spot that you are missing or you know someone that is missing, then let me know and I will rectify it.

Playing this playlist will mean you are helping artists to earn a little more money, and every cent helps. Either get it up on your Spotify app and hit random, or work your way through it as it stands, or go to an artist directly from it. No matter how you do it, you will be helping artists out.

Current artists in the 'This Is: YouTube Artists' Spotify playlist

Aileen Henderson, Alexa Goddard, Alexi Blue, Ali Brustofski, Alice Kristiansen, Allison Ivy, Aloha Radio, Alyssa Shouse, Amanda Hardy, Andie Case, Anna Johnson, Annabelle Kempf, Arabella Jones, Ariel Mançanares, Ashleigh Ashton, Ashlund Jade

Bernadette Kathryn, Blare LeVoir

Cally Rhodes, Calvillo Sisters, Carlijn & Merle, Carly & Martina, Caroline Dare, Chloe Temtchine, Christina Grimmie, Cimorelli, The Command Sisters, Connie Talbot, Conor Maynard, Corey Gray, Cristina Quinones, Crystal King

Danelle, Danielle Lowe, David Fanning

Ebony Day, Elana Jane, Elena House, Emily Brooke, Emily Faith, Erica Mourad

Facing West, Felicia Lu

Gardiner Sisters, Gigi Rich, Grace Lee

Hailey Knox, Hannah Richardson, Harriet Eaves, Hollie Steel, Hollis Long, Holly Henry, Holly Sergeant

Ivana Raymonda Van Der Veen

Jake Coco, Jasmine Clarke, Jasmine Thompson, Jenna Chessall, Jessica Meuse, Jillian Jensen, Jordan Jansen, Julia Sheer, July Jones

Kaia, Kaitlyn Thomas, Karlyn, Karoline, Katie Cole, Kaylan Mackinnon, Kelsey K, Kirsty Lowless, Korie Anne, Kristina Svensson, Ksenia Valenti, Kylan Road, Kylee Begley, Kymberley Kennedy

Laura Ashley, Laura Zocca, Lauren Tate, Leah Burkey, Lexxi Saal, Lexy Greenwell, Lindsay Will, Lindsey Stirling, Liv V, Livy Jeanne, Liz Lohnes

Macy Kate, Maddi Jane, Maddie Wilson, Maddy Newton, Madi Lee, Madilyn Bailey, Madysyn Rose, Maggie Baugh, Mahathi Malladi, Mahkenna, Makayla Lynn, Maria Diebolt, Marissa Jerome, Mary Desmond, Mary Sarah, Matt Roy, Matthew Jordan, Mckenzie Comer, Megan & Liz, Megan Winsor, Michelle Willis, Mikey Wax

Nancy Love, Natalia Malo, Natalie Tuvey

Olivia King, Olivia Mitchell

Rain Paris, Rebecca Perl, Rebekah Reid, Rich Cottell, Richard 'Rick' Rose, Rosey Cale, Ryan Beatty

Samantha LaPorta, Sammie Libman, Sara Leone, Sara Niemietz, Sarah Moss, Savannah Outen, Sean Earle, Sean Rumsey, Skye Claire, Sofia Karlberg, Sophia Dion, Stacey Bannon, Stassi

Tara Favell, Tsylor Gayle, Tiffany Alvord, Tina Siciliano, Tori Hathaway

Victoria Leigh


Zack Biss, Zoe Louisa

This post will be updated from time to time, to reflect changing circumstances.

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