New artist on YTA ~ Xochitl

Singer-songwriter and guitarist Xochitl (pronounced "so-chee") was born and raised in Sacramento, California.

Xochitl decided to take music seriously after deciding college wasn't right for her and that music is where she was destined to be.

When she was 19, she started practicing every day and played open mics. It wasn't long before Xochitl had toured the east and west coasts and performed in hundreds of venues.

Xochitl rates herself as a leopard print enthusiast.

Xochitl's Official website
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YouTube Artists has liked and followed Xochitl on all of her pages. Check her out and please do the same if you enjoy what she does. 

Xochitl can also now be found listed on the Female Artists - X page.
(I didn't think I would ever find someone to put on that page)

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