New listing on YTA ~ Kylan Road

Kylan Road are James Paek (Vocals/Producer/Lyricist) and David Brunelle (Guitarist/Arranger/Producer).

Based in Los Angeles, this duo of rockers and songwriters have worked with producers and songwriters of many different genres of music.

Kylan Road have worked with many other great artists from the world of YouTube, as well as doing songs just as a duo.

Listening to Kylan Roads music while I wrote this post brought immense pleasure, and I had to keep flicking to the videos to watch the action that went with the amazing sounds. The video and audio production is second to none.

Kylan Road's YouTube channel
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YouTube Artists has liked and followed Kylan Road on all of their pages. Check them out and please do the same if you enjoy what they do. 

Kylan Road can also now be found listed on the Bands page.

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