New artist on YTA ~ Olivia Thai

Olivia Thai became a YouTube Artist purely by accident. She posted her first video as a joke, but 7 years later, found her videos had amassed views amounting to over 21 million.

Olivia didn't belive in her faith and ability to be able to write good songs herself, and when she was accused of not being able to write, she enrolled in songwriting school.

Lying to the instructors that she didn't have any original material, because she thought that what she had written was 'garbage', Olivia would shrink into a corner and try to be invisible.

On the last day of term, when all of the other students were eager to play their original work to the instructor to receive feedback, Olivia continued to remain quiet and pretend she didn't have any original work, until another student pointed out that she did in fact have at least one song.

She sang one of her songs (she did in fact have over 20 written), and at the end of it there was silence, a silence that seemed to last forever, after the silence, however, came lots of positive feedback, and finally a songwriter emerged from within Olivia.

[What I have written here doesn't do justice to Olivia, and you will find a far better, longer and more in depth version of this story in the bio on her website.]

Olivia Thai's Official website
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YouTube Artists has liked and followed Olivia Thai on all of her pages. Check her out and please do the same if you enjoy what she does. 

Olivia can also now be found listed on the Female Artists - O page.

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