New Artists/Band on YTA ~ Carly and Martina

From Chicago, Illinois comes twin sister singers, Carly and Martina.

Carly and Martina, don't just sing, they also both play piano, bass, guitar and drums.

These singer/songwriters have been writing music together since they were 11. The first song that they wrote together had a strong anti-bullying message and was called "Make Me Happy".

Carly and Martina originally studied Classical and Jazz music but have since added Pop and Rock to their repertoire.

Carly and Martina's Official website
Carly and Martina's YouTube channel
Carly and Martina's Google+ page
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Carly and Martina's Instagram

YouTube Artists has liked and followed Carly and Martina on all of their pages. Check them out and please do the same if you enjoy what they do. 

Carly and Martina can also now be found listed on the Bands page.

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