Upgrade your Instagram to a Business Profile

Have you changed your Instagram account from a regular one to a business one yet?

I screenshot every new artist that follows me or likes a post, as a means of finding them again in the future to feature them on YTA, but now that they can use the contact button and drop me a message quickly and easily, and more artists are doing that as time goes on, I now have visual reminders in my email of artists to check out, which means they don't end up getting buried among the many screenshots, which makes life easier for me, and increases their chance of getting featured.

It's quick and easy to upgrade your account from a personal to a business one and has many benefits, such as allowing you to have a contact button on your bio that will allow people to either email you, call you or find your location.

You'll also be able to keep tabs of what posts perform well using the analytics tools, which could help you choose the best times of the day to post photos to achieve the best results.

You can also check out basic information about your followers, such as the gender percentage, their age ranges, the most popular locations that they are in by city or country and also what time of day they are most active.

Lastly, it will show you how often your website link is clicked, if you have a site listed in your bio.

To change from a regular account to a business account, follow these simple steps.

You might be getting a message at the top of Instagram when you get on your own profile, if so you can initiate the process from there, otherwise go into your settings and look for a link to do it in there.

First of all you will need to connect your Instagram account to your personal Facebook account by simply tapping continue.

This shows the two accounts being connected.

Next you will have to connect Instagram to your Facebook page for your music, if you have more than one page on your Facebook that you manage then simply select the one that you want to be connecting to and then tap the arrow to move on.

Any information that is already present on your Facebook page that is relevant to this part will be imported. You can remove or edit any parts as you please.

You will however have to leave at least one means of contacting you there, such as a location, a phone number or an email address.

Once it has all gone through successfully, then you will see a welcome screen...

...and a new button at the top of your profile for you to check out your insights.

Initially there won't be any insights to check out, as the process starts from that moment in time, but as you create new posts then the insights will evolve.

Now when someone goes to your profile they will see a contact button that they can tap, allowing for easier communications between them and yourself.

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