New Featured Artist on YTA ~ Joshua O'Brien

Joshua O'Brien is a singer & guitarist from Melbourne, Australia.

He is very new to YouTube, having only been uploading videos since September 2016, but has garnered some good view counts on some of his videos.

I read on a website that he was quite shy when it came to singing when he was younger, but has managed to overcome that luckily, which has enabled him to feel confident enough to start uploading videos.

Other than what I have already said, I couldn't find anything out about him, so you will have to check his work out and let that speak for itself.

Joshua O'Brien's YouTube channel
Joshua O'Brien's Google+ page
Joshua O'Brien's Twitter
Joshua O'Brien's Facebook
Joshua O'Brien's Instagram

YouTube Artists has liked and followed Joshua O'Brien on all of his pages. Check him out and please do the same if you enjoy what he does. 

Joshua can also now be found listed on the Male Artists page.

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