Artists' Birthdays now added to their listings

I'm always trying to think of new ways to drive people to the website, in the hope that they will find links that they never knew artists/bands had, and also in the hope that they will discover new artists/bands that they might like.

So, I've (slowly) spent the last couple of months checking out all of the pages of the artists that I have listed on here, trying to find their birthdays. I didn't find as many as I would of liked to of found, but at least I found some. They are now listed underneath the artists links on the artists pages.

Hopefully now if a fan searches the internet for an artists birthday, it will lead them here and they will discover a lot more than they intended to.

The exercise had another benefit. It allowed me to make sure all of the links I have listed for an artist are correct, and quite a few weren't, so that's been rectified now too.

So from now on if you are a fan and you want to know your favourite artists birthday then check on here and if it's here, make a note of it so that you can send birthday wishes when the time comes.

If you are an artist and your birthday hasn't been listed, then it's because I couldn't find it. If you are willing for it to be made public then drop me a message somewhere and I'll get your listing updated.

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