How Taylor Felt makes music videos - Recording/Editing Equipment

Eighteen months ago Taylor Felt made three videos that detailed the set up and process behind the videos she makes for YouTube. The first of these videos covered her Recording and Editing Equipment, and is the one that this post is based on.

It's always great when an artist does this sort of post, because not only are they wanting to put music out there for other peoples pleasure, they also want to put information out there that they feel could help others.

The equipment Taylor uses and discusses includes the following items, and links to all of it are also in the description below her video.

M-Audio Keyboard, Keyboard Stand, SE Electronics Microphone (Similar), Street by 50 Cent Headphones, Nikon D5100 DSLR Camera, 35mm Lens, Macbook Air and Ring Light.
The programs Taylor uses are Garageband and Final Cut Pro X.

Taylor not only describes the equipment that she uses, she also gives a brief insight into how to connect it all up. So if you wanna check out Taylor's set up then watch the video below and use the links in this post or under Taylor's video to go to her equipment online.

Taylor's Official Website
Taylor's YouTube channel
Taylor's Google+ page
Taylor's Twitter
Taylor's Facebook
Taylor's Instagram

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