EP Review - Me by Caroline Dare

Me by Caroline Dare is a six track EP and was released online on 14th April 2017.

Watching Caroline's videos on YouTube makes you quickly realise that Caroline has a beautifully soft and soothing voice, which is normally accompanied by her playing guitar, which results in some great acoustic music. So when you fire up this EP and hear her in her full glory, on fully produced tracks, there is no doubt that you will love what you hear.

Caroline wrote some of the tracks on the EP, and co-wrote the rest of them, which displays another talent, as writing songs must be far harder than singing them.

The tracks are classified as being country on Google Play Music and iTunes, which is very evident as they all start playing, but I feel that as they progress they have a pop sound to them, so I personally would class them as Country/Pop crossover.

(Isn't that how Taylor Swift's music was in the early days? Maybe Caroline could be the next Taylor?)

Track Listing:
01 - Me
02 - You Caught Me Crushin'
03 - Make It Part of the Dance
04 - Outcast
05 - Wish You Were Mine
06 - Long Drive

Me by Caroline Dare is available to download or stream on all of the usual sites/platforms and an unsigned or signed physical copy can be bought from Caroline Dare's website.

Download/Streaming Links:
Caroline Dare's Official website
Me by Caroline Dare on Google Play Music
Me by Caroline Dare on iTunes
Me by Caroline Dare on Spotify

All of Caroline's other links can be found here

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