Latest Featured Artist on YTA ~ Anna Corley

Anna Corley is a singer and songwriter from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Not just confined to singing, Anna also plays the ukulele, piano and guitar.

On August 3rd 2015, Anna released a great ten track album, entitled "Fable Me", on all of the usual download/streaming platforms, such as Spotify, iTunes, Google Play Music and so on.

Two of the songs, Fable Me and Like A Wave, have live perfomance videos on her YouTube channel. Fable Me is also on there as a piano version too.

Anna Corley's Official website
Anna Corley's YouTube channel
Anna Corley's Google+ page
Anna Corley's Twitter
Anna Corley's Facebook
Anna Corley's Instagram

YouTube Artists has liked and followed Anna on all of her pages. Check her out and please do the same if you enjoy what she does. 

Anna can also now be found listed on the Female Artists - A page.

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