New Band Featured on YTA ~ Diamond Dixie

Diamond Dixie are sisters Gabriela and Bianca LeDuc and they are located in Orlando, Florida.

Gabriela is the oldest of the two and she plays guitar, mandolin and sings.
When she isn't working on music, Gabriela can be found running or surfing.

Youngest sister Bianca sings and plays guitar.
Besides her music, Bianca likes to fish, hike, surf and go snorkeling.

Little Texas, Kristian Bush of Sugarland, Johnny Bullford, Lenny Cooper and Neal McCoy can be counted among the names of artists that the girls have been opening for locally lately.

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YouTube Artists has liked and followed Diamond Dixie on all of her pages. Check her out and please do the same if you enjoy what she does. 

Diamond Dixie can also now be found listed on the Bands page.

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