EP Review - Home by Ebony Day

Home by Ebony Day is a three track EP and was released online on 18th May 2017.

The three tracks on the EP all cover different aspects of love, wanting to find love, and finding love.

When the first song "Collide" starts you are greeted with the familiar voice, a unique voice, that is most definitely Ebony Day, accompanied by the familiar sound of her guitar, but as that first song progresses it really takes the music up a notch and at 1 minute 25 seconds becomes really beautiful.

Collide covers the subject of never quite managing to find the right partner, even though at the time it might all feel right. One day it will all fall into place though and two paths will collide and a perfect match will be made.

When she finally decides to stop looking for love and she has her guards up, without expecting it, she finds someone comes along who captures her eye, and falling in love starts, hence the song title.

Home came about when her partner David asked her where she wanted to be at 30 years old, and in her mind she imagined them having set up a home together and having a family.

The whole EP is very cleverly written, and tells the story of how she is now in the perfect relationship. Detailed descriptions of each song are in the description under each of the respective music videos on her YouTube channel.

I really do love this EP, but I have one aspect I don't like... I wish it was longer, maybe like eight songs long, because once it starts, you don't want it to stop.

Track Listing:
01 - Collide
02 - Falling
03 - Crazy

Home by Ebony Day is available to download or stream on all of the usual sites/platforms.

Download/Streaming Links:
Home by Ebony Day on Google Play Music
Home by Ebony Day on iTunes
Home by Ebony Day on Spotify

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