EP Review - Wonderland by Jasmine Thompson

Wonderland by Jasmine Thompson is an eight track EP and was released online on 19th March 2017.

Upon seeing the track listings, before initially playing it, I saw that the first track was called Wonderland (intro), and I thought it was one of those tiny intros that artists use at the start of an album that's only a minute or so long, leading in to the complete track. But this intro is a full blown track lasting 3 minutes and 40 seconds and I really like it. The actual intro to the track is fairly long, but really calming and soothing, and quite beautiful to listen to.

The second track, Old Friends, is actually on the EP in two forms, one is what I would call the original and the other is a Jonas Blue remix. I felt that the track lets you into the life of Jasmine, as she explains how friends from her past have come and gone, and that she has new friends that ain't quite what the old friends were. Maybe she is describing her new life where she spends much time on the road performing. Both versions of the song are equally as good.

Someone's Somebody, which is the third track, really steps the music up a beat or two with a heavy bassline, which sounds great and leaves you wanting more.

Describing a yearning for love comes in the form of the fourth song, Wanna Know Love, which again has a heavy bassline, accompanied by fast moving lyrics.

Fix Me, the fifth track continues the line up, and also continues what has been a great EP so far. This song contains softly sung parts, almost uninterrupted by music, as well as a once again, heavier than some, bassline.

In Drama, the sixth track on the EP, Jasmine sings about the dramas that young couples go through, hinting that they thrive on it, and that it is possible to get through it. This is all portrayed greatly by use of the lyrics and vocals.

As the EP starts drawing to a close, the penultimate track is called Words, which is rather apt, as the whole EP has been put together with clever lyrics, and this song is no exception. Although this song isn't describing the EP, it is all about how actions can be used rather than words between a couple to show how they feel.

Lastly, comes the aforementioned second version of Old Friends, which due to the remixing makes it feel like a complete new song in it's own rights, and wraps up the EP nicely. Although as it finishes, you do wish there had been more tracks to enjoy.

So... do I like this? I love it. I only played it for the first time at the start of the week and I must of played it 30+ times since then. Having watched Jasmine on YouTube from her early days, it is good to see where she has progressed to, and if this EP was available to buy as a signed physical copy then I would happily buy one, knowing that it has been signed by someone who has come so far, so quickly, and will go a lot further.

My advice would be to go check this EP out sooner rather than later, because you will kick yourself otherwise when you finally realise what you were missing out on.

Track Listing:
01 - Wonderland (intro)
02 - Old Friends
03 - Someone's Somebody
04 - Wanna Know Love
05 - Fix Me
06 - Drama
07 - Words
08 - Old Friends - Jonas Blue Remix

Wonderland by Jasmine Thompson is available to download or stream on all of the usual sites/platforms.

Download/Streaming Links:
Wonderland by Jasmine Thompson on Google Play Music
Wonderland by Jasmine Thompson on iTunes
Wonderland by Jasmine Thompson on Spotify

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