EP Review - Madison by Madison McWilliams

Madison by Madison McWilliams is a six track EP and was released online on 23rd June 2017.

This self titled EP by Madison McWilliams took me totally by surprise when I first listened to it.

Expecting it to be full of sweeter than sweet pop songs, I soon realised that wasn't the case when the first song "Melodramatic" started to play. Melodramatic had me hooked right away. I wanted to hear the whole EP, and more than likely would want to listen to it again straight after.
(There is a video for Melodramatic on Madison's Vevo, which I never knew until after I heard the song on Spotify)

The theme continued when the second song "Easy" kicked in. Now my mind was set, I would definitely be playing this EP for a second time as soon as it finished.

I won't go into detail about the sound of these two first songs. You have to check the EP out yourself!

The third song "Burn and Crash" had a little bit more of a pop theme to it, and was as equally as impressive as the first two songs.

[This EP is a winner for sure!]

"End of the Tunnel" followed next, then "We've Got Today" and finally "Fighter" and to me these are chart hit style songs for sure.

That's not to say the first three songs weren't chart hit style songs though, they were.

The songs are extremely well written, and the arrangement and production is outstanding.

Madison doesn't need to cover songs when she can put out original material like this.

Go buy this EP now, it's worth every cent, or if you are a streamer then stream it lots.

Track listing:
01 - Melodramatic
02 - Easy
03 - Burn and Crash
04 - End of the Tunnel
05 - We've Got Today
06 - Fighter

Madison by Madison McWilliams is available to download or stream on all of the usual sites/platforms.

Download/Streaming Links:
Madison by Madison McWilliams on Google Play Music
Madison by Madison McWilliams on iTunes
Madison by Madison McWilliams on Spotify

All of Madison's other links can be found here

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