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Next Town Down are five guys, Terence, Tre'Von, Christopher, Malik and Leon, who are based in Los Angeles, California, USA. They formed a band after they found each other through social media.

Terence Thomas, comes from Hollandale, Washington County, Mississippi. Terence spends a lot of his time making beats, playing the piano (he started playing at his local church), and looking up new haircuts. His favorite color is orange.

Christopher Louis was born in Sarasota, Florida. In his free time Christopher likes to make music, watch movies from his movie collection, hang out with friends, and travel to new places. He finds inspiration from Frank Sinatra, Drake, and his mother Josephine.

Tre'Von Waters comes from Lancaster, Virginia. In his free time, he enjoys songwriting, recording, and vocal producing. When he's not doing music, you can find him in a quiet place, eating or napping. Some of Tre'Von's biggest inspirations are Usher & Chris Brown. He is the group's most calm and serious member.

Malik Knighten's hometown is Charles City, Iowa. He takes pride in his town's good hospitality and tries to keep to his roots. Malik loves Garfield and candy, especially Skittles. In his spare time, he likes to write and listen to music (especially Justin Bieber), play basketball with his friends, and travel. He draws inspiration from his community back at home.

Leon Outlaw Jr hails from Brooklyn, New York. Leon is the youngest member of the band. Ever since seeing Michael Jackson's The Dangerous Tour, Leon knew that entertaining was the path he wanted to take in life. He played the young Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, and Berry Gordy in Motown the musical. In his free time he enjoys playing basketball and football. He draws inspiration from James Brown and Sammy Davis Jr.

Next Town Down's earlier uploads on YouTube were simply covers of recent chart songs. Then on May 16th, 2017 they uploaded a video for their debut single 'Good Times'.

They then progressed to uploading 'Evolution of' videos, that consisted of mashups of songs from high profile artists. Other 'Evolution of' videos were based on themes rather than artists, such as 'The Evolution of Breakup Songs' or 'The Evolution of Baby Making Music'.

On June 28th, 2017 they published a video titled 'We Sang for Mariah Carey & She Invited us to Vegas! NTD Lifestyle Ep. 5', in which you get to see them singing for Mariah.

In time for valentine's day, their most recent original song upload is a lyric video for their ballad 'Love You Right'.

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