How do I get to appear on this site?

    By making me aware of you either through YouTube, Twitter, Facebook or the contact form on this site.

How do I make you aware of me through YouTube, Twitter, Facebook then?

    I screenshot any activity that I get on those sites, if it is a person or band that I have not featured yet.

How does that help an artist or band?

    I search through the screenshots when I am looking to feature an artist or band on the blog.

Once you have a screenshot of me, I will get featured then?

    Not exactly, but it puts you in the running to get featured, as I will now know about you.

You must have lots of screenshots to look through. I could get lost among them?

    You could! I used to always go to the earliest screenshots that I have and select artists or bands so that it was on a first come first served kind of basis, but with the screenshots running into hundreds now I find it easier to look through the most recent ones.

That's not good for the earlier ones then is it?

    Not totally, no. Just make a point of liking or commenting on something recent that I post on one the sites and you should stay on the radar and not get lost among the early ones.

If I'm chosen to be listed can I do anything to help?

What is an Oops Feature?

    An Oops Feature is on pages where no artists are listed and serves to fill the space that would otherwise be occupied by information.

Why are the male artists all on one page, yet the females are on alphabetical pages?

    Because there is nowhere near as many males listed as females. When more males are added, they too will be on alphabetical pages.